Monday, February 28, 2011

Death by Hills gives new life

to this under-trained, overweight, lifeless lump. I had a blast as did the crap load of people that finished this year. Literally on the verge of cramping from Woodland Meadows to the end on each repetitive lashing, I somehow survived feeling okay. Awesome to see some new faces looking to conquer this thing. From ultra light, TDF lookin doodz to crazy strong nut cases like Nico on single speeds. From old veterans to Wendy, first time on road tires and in West County, nice freakin job!

Amazing the following this non-team team has. Only one casualty that I know of, I heard he just lost his........Momentum! No mechanicals that I saw, just a bunch of tough people making this point their Mecca.

Special thanks to C.F.R. who was riding like a man on fire at the very end.


Trail Monster said...

Nice work out there Mashor! Even better giving everyone a detour and now permanent destination for DBH!

Casey Ryback said...

Dude, you were crushing it. The unstoppable locomotive on whom I can always count to not puss out on the hard stuff.