Friday, February 18, 2011

It's about time(updated)

Went on an awesome road ride yesterday with C.F.R and Steve Friedman. I showed them something that a lot of cyclists know about, but moar don't than do. I showed them a monument out on Old Manchester that was dedicated in 1921 to Victor Smith. Anyone who thinks they are tough just needs to stop and think of what it must have been like to ride a bike back then. My guess would be wooden rims, single speed of course. Only choice was sew ups or maybe even solid tires. I often wonder what those riders would think if they could see us now. Could they ever have imagined what the sport has turned into? What would they think about society? What would they think about the relationship between cyclists and motorists?

Anyway, it bothered me how bad the growth had gotten out there. Hell, I knew where the stone was and had a hard time finding it. Since I didn't want to ride today I got the wild idea to go out and do something about it. I threw the chainsaw, loppers, handsaw, rake and a bunch of other stuff in the truck and took off. I stopped by the other known monument located at Pond and Old Manchester to take a picture. This one is from 1923, dedicated to William M. Butler.

I'd think the building, trees and all have changed. This photo is available for purchase from the Missouri History Museum. Went out and tried to stage a picture to see if the building or trees are still there. Today's condition is kind of a shame.

I had the forethought to take a picture of the condition it was in when I arrived.

Here is a photo I just found that I took last year in the spring.

After about 2 hours of cutting, lopping and dragging, I was satisfied.

If you look at Old Manchester as traveling east/west from 100 and Fox Creek Road, then it is just past Rem lane on the south or left side, about a mile west of 100.

Who would you dedicate a monument to? I can think of a few awesome people that have made a serious difference to our sport. Stop by and look at it. Hopefully this clearing will last a few years but I will not let it get this bad again, it deserves moar respect than that.


Scott said...

Thats awesome. I always forget the the nation's oldest bike club is right here. Not that im here, but over there.. in alton. But still... You should have good carma on the road this year.

Brian said...

The St. Louis Cycling Club possesses all of the information detailing the locations of these monuments if you wish to access it. There were, originally, more of them. But I don't know if they still exist.

Check out for the next club meeting. Most likely you'll be able to discuss the history and significance of these monuments with some of the clubbers.

Trail Monster said...

Mitch - Awesome work. I happened across the Belt Road recently as part of the new park at Calumet Creek north of Clarksville, MO. An amazing race was held there in the past.

Maybe Mashor's Mapps could throw down a mapped ride to many of these sites. I would spend a Saturday/Sunday tagging along.

Crazy Larry said...

Wow! ~ Its time for bed but really wish to say Bravo to those who took the time to honour those who honour cycling! I LOVE you's all!
*I try by putting on a tribute to a girl who had a great love for the sport like many of us cyclist do.
you can see by
WE honour all those who have passed away; where ever! The list keeps growing as I find out more every year.
If you care to join us; by all means. We have some from various places surprising us each year. Some times many; other times a few handfuls; according to my budget with advertising; I put it all on myself. Tough in these hard times.

thank you Mitch Johnson for doing what you do. Clearing all that trail and dignifying those in the past with their great love of outdoors and cycling, too! God Bless you all!